7 Steps To Receiving Your Driving Permit In California

12 January 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Learning to drive is the key to freedom and adulthood. Many teenagers begin considering learning when they turn 15, just one year before they can typically take the driving test to receive a license. First, you must obtain your driver's permit, which allows you to learn how to drive with the help of a responsible and experienced driver. Not sure how to do this in California? These steps will help you figure it out.

1. Take driver's training in a classroom or online.

Most teenagers take driver's training at the age of 15, and you can complete the classes either in the classroom or online. The course is often taken over the course of several days, but if completed online it may take a matter of hours. It is important to soak in as much information as possible as you read. You will need it later.

2. Gather the necessary documents.

You will need a birth certificate or passport in order to prove your identity. Additionally, you need to be at least 15.5 years old in order to have your learner's permit.

3. Prove that you live in California.

Your next step is to find documentation that proves you live in California. This could be a utility bill addressed to your parents, for example.

4. Pay an application fee and fill out the form.

At the DMV, you will simply need to fill out the application form. This is one sheet of paper, front and back, and it asks simple questions. When you submit this form, you will be required to submit the fee for a new driver's license as well. This fee may change from year to year.

5. Make an appointment to take the written examination.

Your next step is to make an appointment, which you can do online. You will need to come into the DMV to take the test, which contains questions about reading road signs and driving safety. You can miss a few questions and still pass the test, but you do need to study.

6. Take a vision test.

You need to take a vision test to demonstrate that you will be able to read road signs. You can take the test with your glasses on, and it takes just a few minutes at the DMV.

7. Take a photo.

Finally, you will take the infamous driver's license photo. It will appear on your license, so make it a good one!

California has a relatively streamlined process for getting through the process of obtaining a learner's permit. Got questions? Your driving school is a great resource for learning more.