What Are The Best Living Arrangements For Your Cincinnati College Student?

20 December 2016
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If your teenager is heading off to one of the Queen City's many colleges or universities, such UC Clermont College, for the upcoming semester, you may be anxious about covering the cost of his or her room and board. On-campus rooms and meal plan options can sometimes rival the cost of tuition, and off-campus arrangements may give rise to safety or transportation concerns. Fortunately, with a bit of research, you should be able to find a well-suited choice for just about every personality and budget. Read on to learn more about some of the possible living arrangements for your Cincinnati-area college student and what you'll want to consider when deciding whether your teen should select an on-campus or off-campus arrangement.

When may on-campus living options be the best choice?

There are a few situations in which living on a Cincinnati campus is the best choice, both economically and logistically. The first situation involves a teen who is reluctant to leave home or who hasn't built up many of the organizational and life skills to handle a heavy courseload in combination with paying rent and utilities, grocery shopping on a daily basis, and maintaining some type of social life.

Those in certain more demanding majors (like engineering or nursing programs) may also benefit from the convenience and efficiency of on-campus housing rather than battling for parking before class or dealing with roommates who don't always make their share of the rent payment on time. 

When may you want to choose off-campus lodging? 

In some cases, off-campus lodging may be the better choice for personal reasons. Teens with severe food allergies can benefit from the ability to make their own food and ensure that their plates and utensils are kept separately, essentially avoiding cross-contamination concerns, while those with obsessive-compulsive disorder or other psychological conditions may find the greater control of their surroundings to be well worth any inconvenience of living away from campus.

In other cases, the right financial choice may be crystal clear, especially if your teen doesn't have a scholarship or college fund to help cover certain costs. Because of Cincinnati's low cost of living, finding an apartment or even a room for rent near your teen's college campus should be a fairly simple prospect even for those with tight budgets, and many landlords in the area are accustomed to renting to college students and won't require any extra deposits or other additional security measures.